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Fast Therapy

Fast Therapy- A Unique Blend of Expert Therapies

This blend of Ericksonian Hynotherapy - Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy - Solution Focused Hyno-Psychotherapy - Neuro-Linguistic Life Coaching and Solution Based Counselling, helps me to work with you, to change the things you want to change.


 From our first meeting, you will know how together, we       can make Fast Therapy a success for you. This includes   how many times we may need to meet, the things you will learn and how you will use these to make the changes you want. From our first meeting you will know what to expect from our sessions and understand how Fast Therapy works.


Fast therapy means changing your life now.


Being in the Moment

Hynotherapy  will allow you to exerience both past and future events by being there. This makes it real and is the secret behind the sucess of coaching, counselling and therapies that use hypnosis. 

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